10 Clever Woodworking Hacks Tiktok Taught Us

10 Clever Woodworking Hacks Tiktok Taught Us

Tiktok has seen its fair share of woodworking projects, hacks, and fails. As of January 13, 2022, there have been over 10.8 billion views for "#woodworking" and over 2.7 billion views for "#woodwork". We've spent some time on Tiktok, in the name of research, to find the 10 of the most clever woodworking hacks. This is what we found: 

Tape measure hack for pesky corners

We've all been in the position where you are measuring and your tape measure runs into a corner and you don't know whether to round up or down. In this super clever woodworking hack, Andy teaches viewers on how to properly use a measuring tape, if you didn't know already. Tiktok school is now in session.

@andy_cotterill The Tape Measure Hack that will change your life! Okay, maybe it will help your next project...a little. #woodworking #toolhacks ♬ original sound - The Woodworker's Journey

Make your own dowel

Why buy a dowel when you can make a dowel with a jig just as quickly and you don't even have to leave the shop. Check out why Jake's clever and super easy DIY dowel making jig has over 800,000 views on Tiktok. "Been a carpenter for almost 30 yrs. one of the coolest things I've ever seen," one viewer said.

@makewithjake Reply to @thecarpenter81 Check out this quick tutorial on how to make your own dowels in the shop! #woodworkinghacks #diy #woodshoptips #shoptips ♬ original sound - Jake Drews

DIY longer spring clamps

Clamps not long enough to reach one side when making drawer faces or other woodworking projects? Matthew shared his clever woodworking spring clamp hack and got over 120,000 views. "Pure genius," David said.

@handyman99 Tool Tip! Spring clamp hack! Odd part to clamp? #tooltip #hack #tipsandtricks #woodworking #carpentry #diy #fyp #tip ♬ Remember the Name (feat. Styles of Beyond) - Fort Minor

Replace the jigsaw with a flush trim bit

Pura Vida Creations shows how he uses a flush cut trim router bit on a chicken coop as a hack for replacing the jigsaw. This clever woodworking hack has been seen close to two million times!

@puravidacreations No more Jigsaw #woodshop #tips #hacks #woodworker #workinprogress #woodworking #cuttingholes ♬ Fancy Like - Walker Hayes

Remove stripped screws with ease

Jonas is a hobbyist woodworker and furniture maker with close to 899,000 followers on Tiktok. In this clever woodworking hack, Jonas shows us how he removes stripped screws with ease.

@jonaswinkler.official How to remove a stripped screw! 💥💥💥 #woodworkinghacks #woodworker #screw #hack #goodtoknow #woodworkersoftiktok ♬ Originalton - Jonas Winkler

Cut larger miter saw angles

Anika raked in over 42,000 likes for her clever woodworking hack to cut angles larger than her miter saw would allow. For this hack you will need a hot glue gun, a scrap board, a pencil and of course your miter saw! This hack will allow you to cut 60, 70, and even 85 degree angles with your miter saw

@anikasdiylife Now you can cut 60, 70 and even 85- degrees on a miter saw. #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner #woodworking #woodworkingtips #woodworkinghacks ♬ Life Goes On - Oliver Tree

Wood carving hack to make life easier

"I don't remember those hacks in my woodwork classes" is the phrase accompanying this ultimate wood carving hack brought to you by Wood Working Lab. This clever wood carving hack has over 15,600 views.

@woodworkinglab #foryou #woodcarving #woodclass #woodwork #hacks ♬ FEEL THE GROOVE - Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

Sanding made fun

We conducted a poll in 2021 and found that 99% of our community members do not enjoy sanding. Since the clear majority of people do not like sanding in the woodworking process, here is a clever sanding hack from Amir to improve efficiency.


Sandpaper manufacturers HATE him for this one trick ##woodworking ##NeverStopExploring ##JifRapChallenge ##hpradicalreuse ##diy

♬ My Potna Dem - $ILKMONEY

Why settle for one sanding hack when we can give you two? In the next Tiktok woodworking hack, Hayden shows us how to save money on sanding disks by using sandpaper cleaning blocks that can be found on Amazon for under $15. Everyone should know this hack, because the sandpaper works just as good! It's good as new-ish.

@haydenpeddle This saves me so much $$$ 😅 #woodworking #woodworkinghacks #diy #diytips #woodworkingproject #lifehacks ♬ original sound - Hayden Peddle

Mounting made easy

If you are ready for a spring clean in the shop or just want to get organized, you might need to mount something at some point. In Nate's super clever mounting hack, you can mount with ease! All you need are a few supplies, including tape, a pencil, a level, screws, a screwdriver and whatever you are looking to mount!


Best tip ever! #fyp #fypシ #foryou #foryour #foryourpage #tips #trick #diy #howto #woodworking #construction #hack #life #lifehacks

♬ original sound - Nate Halverson

Ready for more clever woodworking hacks? Every month we will post new Tiktok hacks that are sure to save you time, money, or both! Did you learn from any of these hacks or try them out in your woodshop? We would love to hear about it! Drop us a note in the comments about what you think about these hacks or shoot us over an email at marketing@forest2home.com. You can find Forest 2 Home on Tiktok here.

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